Erica Simone is a Franco-American photographer and artist, based between New York City, Paris and Los Angeles. Erica works on assignment for editorial, commercial and NGO clients from around the globe and is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post. Her award-winning images have appeared in newspapers and magazines, including National Geographic, New York Mag, The NY Daily News, PHOTO, PDN, NY Arts Magazine, Whitewall, Resource, Le Parisien, El Mundo, and many others. Simone’s photographs have been exhibited all over the world in solo shows, group shows and festivals, as well as featured on TV and in documentaries.

Frequently involved in philanthropic activities, Simone is also the co-founder of Curators for a Cause, an ambassador to the Beauty for Freedom organization and leads the “Shooting Stars Photography Workshop,” a non-profit workshop for children and adults in need around the globe.

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“I picked up a camera at 17 years old and I fell in love. The world began to mold into geometric composition, drawing my eye into reflections of light and complex combinations of color. The wrinkles of the elderly became mysterious historical novels, the architecture around me began to shape shift, claustrophobic flows of people in the street brought stillness into my own observations — I found myself looking at the world in a completely new way.

Over the last ten years, photography has allowed me to experience many extremes of humanity: from the backstages of New York fashion shows to the still, deep forests of Cambodia; from Hollywood celebrities to hill tribes in the Himalayas, or from orphanages in South America to extravagant red carpet events. Photography helps me satisfy an incredible curiosity for life, while gracing it with unforgettable diversity.

Today, the goal of my work is to render all things beautiful: both physically and spiritually, and to put a smile on people’s faces as I do it. I strive to show the strength in the weakness, to bring out softness in the harsh, and to encourage everyone to appreciate and question every single molecule of existence. We are a curious bunch of beings living on a planet in the middle of outer space… every little thing about us should be pondered, explored and cherished.”

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